Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Healthy attitude to food

I used to have no problem with food. I always ate when hungry or when just felt the temptation for something, and the rest of the time gave no thought for food. My attitude to eating was like putting fuel to a car: i just thought what was needed, what was enough and what my sensations said to be well. If I was more hungry or the food was delicious, I ate more. If I was not hungry, I did not eat, except sometimes something with foresight for the next few hours. If I did not like the food, I ate less.
After a meal blood goes to the stomach and it is a maybe 15 minutes resting time when the stomach feels heavy, time spend talking, glancing a magazine or the like. When one no longer feels heavy in the stomach and not interested in quick action, when one once again finds the tempations for quick sporty active things to do and the fun in doing, then just go on with your life with no thought for food. Fun things to do are like fuel: they leave you alive and refreshed, with no need for a meal.
If you feel very hungry, you should check are you tuned all right to the climate that you have now. Do you eat healthily all kinds of food like the advices command you to: both fruits, bread, milk, meat, vegetables, potatoes or the like, etc? Are you neglecting some dark side in your attitude to things in the world, would you need to be depressed about it if you took things realistically like your body needs to do (cynical, malicious, too much like hard working men like persons, depressed, exhausted, evil, in fights)?


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