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Living wisely the summer

A quotation from my long text about living wisely the seasons :



May and June

In the beginning of May the grass is already green and leaves start t come out of the buds. The weathers get warmer and the atmosphere predicts coming summer, even if it sometimes were cold. Birds have already recovered from their long migration journey and one hears birds singing often, sometimes all the time.
In the beginning of the second week of May when the ground has melted all the way by the roots of the trees, get trees their leaves and at once all feel much better and are less tired. Birds then build a nest in the cover of the leaves, lay their eggs there and start sitting warming on the eggs or build their nest in a nest box/hut(?).
The trees get their leaves very quickly, often even in three days full sized leaves, even though etnderly light green and thin. Young leaves are beautiful and it is fun to follow how they develop fastly. The ice in the ground prevented trees from growing leaves, but when the ground had melted, the trees at once grow full sized leaves in only a few days. Latest at the middle of May have the most common Finnish trees full sized leaves. Trees from warmer climates get leaves later. When birches have mouse ear formed and sized leaves one knows that the summer has at last come.
Leaves on trees brings at once a more leisurely atmosphere. The burden of winter has been carried and now it is a again the time to load the batteries. On sunny days it is already warm in those places which are sheltered from wind. For the birds and the insects the summer begins and the school kids have only a couple more leisurely weeks of school left before summer holidays, when the families often keeptheir holidays quite soon and go to some holiday trip or arrange some happening to realize that the summer has come and to give it a good start. During the Midsummer which means the lightest time of the year a little bit after the middle of June most or at lerast many go to their summer cottages, because that has since ancient times been a celebration and because they have holiday and want to give a the summer a good start. In the Midsummer one burns large Midsummer fires on ferries and it is fascinating to be awake over the night when it is even in the night so light that one can see the colours.
Around the same time as trees, bushes too get leaves, and suddenly they many, for example "syreeni", bloom with many flowers.
In the spring and in the beginning of the summer one should take care to not to disturb bird nests, for example by not walking near or keeping loud noise near their nest, and cats and dogs have to be kept in leash to prevent them from eating the young birds which do not yet knwo how to fly.

Summer is a time of fullness. Some melancholy which on cooler weather brought a somehow dissatisfied feelings, is now away. The grass is growing green and flourishing. The summer aren't just warmth but the flourishing green is essentia. In the summer time it is easy to achieve one's very best, but not long work sequences, not labour like a tired one in the evening, instead like one on a holiday always twinding path leading to new things one after another, not stuck, finding one's own roads. In the summer time one's own wings carry well and the beauty of nature, especially of flowers, give a forefigure of a fine successfull way of doing things and succeeding but at the same time holiday like. The summer is a good time for celebrations and parties, for highlights and it is also rest and loading energy for a reserve for the demands of the other seasons, getting refreshed, finding one's own rythm like on free time.
(The thinking course at and the advices on links from there about developing in intelligence bring good quality objectivity to summer time thinking.)

In the end of May end schools and there is the spring celebration in schools and in homes celebrate those who graduated from school, which feels both ways since on the other hand it is nice that summer holiday starts and on the other hand celebrating school feels like repeating something disturbing that was compulsory. The kids don't feel school to be an acheivement, it is more like a part of everyday life, one of the compulsory things to bear through. The illusion of it being an achievement propably comes from parent in the beginning of the school year taking a look at school books, maybe for a quater of an hour they are interested in them, and so they put their kids to read them all year through, only them, it is maybe 10 quaters of an hoiur  x 5 days  x  30 weeks  = 1 500 times what they themselves felt they needed. Kids arenät that much more stupid, and school feels like hard work just because it is too muych work for each subject when the subject does not motivate to so much work. The most stupid are motivated to it, but if the kid has on ok head, like most kids have, it gets boring and without brains, and so the school head is left different from common sense, it is something on nonsense style and too commanding dictature, which does not listen to common sense enough. And a part of that is copied to summer when parents think of school as a part of their kids and not as the work their kids have been doing, from which it is good if the kid herslef7himself gets room to one's own characteristics, for example during the summer holiday.

A piece of advice from bird watching enthusiasts:
"How to behave close to bird nest or young birds
If you find a bird nest or young birds:
Move further away from them at once, so as to not to disturb the birds.
Bechave calmly and avoid causing noise.
If the bird mother starts to warn or pay attention to you, move further away at once.
When the bird parents pay attention to just the nest and young birds and not in you, you are at the right distance.
If the nest has young birds, the parents carry them food at intervals of even a pair minutes.
If there are eggs in the nest, birds do not fly to and from the nest but one might see the parent laying in the eggs in the nest.
One must not touch the nest, eggs or young birds.
All bird nests have the shelter of the law: one is not allowed to disturd or to destroy them.
With binoculars one can watch birds from further away without disturbing thme."

Young birds seem to learn to fly sooner, and better, if they look at a tree while they think of flying, since then are their ideas of what flying is like somehow bwetter for flying.

If it is cool in May part of the time, it is anyway not still cold. So you can then dress so cool that you feel the spring air in your skin, you geta touch with the weather and realize that it isn't under zero Celsius anymore, and on the other hand dress so warmly that your body does not get cold if you keep moving sportily. On cool days it is too early to spend much time unmoving while outdoors.

The Finland's summer, and even more other seasons in Finland, is apart from the hottest summer days, not so hot that one couldn't move sportily and practise sports, which generally brings a much better mood and brings endurancy and in cool times helps to keep warm.

The buds of trees and bushes, leaves and flowers etc can be looked at like pieces of art: what kind of wisdom their atmosphere has as it's message.

With warmth increases the amount of bacteria everywhere, but in the beginning of summer there is not yet anything to worry about it, but in the end of the summer one must take care that wounds do not get inflammation. You survive the bacteria like you last summer well knew how to, so remember last autumn in what comes to the bacteria, or compare to washing your hands with warm water.

In Finland the growing season of planst is in the summer half of the year from spring to autumn, even though trees with needless can grow slightly also during the winter time. Roughly from May to August or September is the only possible time in Finland for growing wheat, vegetables, fruits etc for eating and in the old times one had to survive all the year with those. There is only one harvest possible each year in the end of the summer or in the beginning of autumn, but on some vegetables two or even more: especially sallad. This is why summer is in Finland's climate in it's way a ground for tough realism: the only possible ground for living here has traditionally been agriculture in the summer time. This is also a reason why in Finland one needs to think of everything at least for one year forward, both energy, work, possibilities for life and food availability. Traditional Finnish vegetables(?) include "lanttu" and "nauris". Also potatoes have been eaten a lot.

Spring aren't the most green part of summer, instead in the spring it is nice the miracle of new life born, the miracle of a new beginning and nature's wild vigour, when it awakens to life. Also that we are going toward better, toward summer and increasing possibilities to spend time outdoors and the atmosphere is via sunshine and green leaves and flowers a great improvement to winter and autumn. Those most who like birdsong like spring especially.

My views on spring aren't so psecial that energy and pleasant mind compared to the season would be only of that, instead practising sports matters a lot. And it isn't so much a certain amount of motion as enjoying practising sports and the endurancy it brings even if there weren't so much sports necessarily. So not sports for good looks but instead some form of sports that one happens to like and good looks, if you need them, come at other times from the good mood that sports bring, energy, nicer looks, lighter feeling activities etc. If your physical fitness is weak, you can increase it with nice type of sports or like I told of the spring tiuredness in connection with light, just some kind of motion that way but freely.

In the end of May and in June until Midsummer there is in the beginning of evening maybe around five o'clock, when after the buzz of people coming home from work there has been a moment of quiet life, and more in the evening maybe around half past seven, when people have just gone indoors, there is outdoors moments with a strong beautiful atmosphere, when birds sing, the lush greenery of summer takes room for itself and it is somehow sensitively atmospheric like young leaves of the beginning of the summer, flowers and insects and birds and light shining through branches with green öeaves and scents.

The experience of nature and garden in the end of May is described by the Russian song Tuoksussa tuomien = Valkoakaasiat.
(If Russians like the song also on other seasons, it maybe is because of too much school like ways and lack of practical experience when one is like with a new beginning, and of hopes and dreams of better and of self-confidence of the possibility of a better future, so of spring like features when too much school like ways of living open via age to common sense and good life.)

  June and July

From the beginning of summer in th end of May to Midsummer in June and from that to the hottest summer in July
This part is a mess, you need to read it through before you have read all about the beginning of the summer. 
Late summer which means August is written separately in the beginning of this blog (because those interested in the autumn may want to read it). 

Around 25th of May there are the first hot days, around 25C, and the summer begins. The kids have their last more leisurely days in school and the school's ending's spring celebration with summer hymn ("Already came loved time, summer lovely. Beautifully all places are decorated by flowers. Again the warmth of the sun gives it's blessing, and creates the nature anew, and invites to life. ..."), the summer holiday begins.

If you don't feel well in the summer time

1) hot days

In the first hot days of May the air is usually very dry. Then it is important to drink lots of water (eat something salty with it, because when you sweat you lose both water and salts), or refreshment ("limonaadi", "virvoitusjuoma", they are meant for that) or the like, if you feel at all weird, for example one and a half liter to drink at once and immediately away from the sun or hot place. In Juna there is enough water vapour in the air from lakes and trees so that there is no longer this problem. Dry room air gets moistened by water bucker or washed clothes that are there to dry. But the ground is still wet in the spring time.

In the summer if you feel weird (and maybe headache), it is usually lack of water (remember also salt and maybe eat a little of something if you drink a lot, 1,5 liters lemonade (red or yellow or the like) is good for this) or then too warm clothes.

Pale feeling some time after having come in from hot sunny place to coolindoors, is a result of one living in a different way in hot places than in cool places, more relaxedly without doing much anything and that is a non-energetic way to be in cool. In cool one should put on warmer clothes and eat something since in cool one needs a more sturdy feeling than in hot, and instead of only lazying start doing something, at least taking a look if there is something in tv.
Feeling unsteady later on a day when one has spent time in hot, is a mark that one's body is still too hot, so that one should spend time in cool, dress lightly and avoid at least everything heavy to eat.You get the right body temperature best back and get the best feeling if you go to swim on a lake, or if that aren't possible, take a cool shower. Pour cool water especially over your head and take care of the temperature of your torso to your healthy normal temperature so that you feel relieved, with a clear head and in ok for action. When one feels better and one's body is cooler, it is natural to be more active.

In the sun can one's skin burn: it partly already in the sun and partly later that day and on the next day becomes red and if the skin burns worse it hurts to touch or to sweat, and worse still the surface part of the skin comes away later. A hat with a large adge(?), long-sleeved shirt, suncream and especially avoiding long times in sun before one's skin has gotten much colour help to avoid skin burning. Skin with some colour does not burn at all as easily as winter pale.  When your skin has burned you should not go to the sun, because skin burning makes one vulnerable to skin cancer. As far as I know suncream helps a burned skin to recover. So on the first times in the sun only a short while and maybe after an hour or whatever when your skin has gotten colour you can spend longer in the sun.

If in the sun one's head gets too hot, one can feel nauseating and even faint. To that helps immediately to cool shadow, pouring cold water upon the head to get it cool down, drinking enough and avoiding being in the sun. A light coloured hat in the head in sun helps to avoid this illness. Headache is connected to having lost water and to the head being still partly of wrong temperature.

Dizzy feeling in the summer time is a consequence of too warm clothes. Much less is better and more pleasant.

Traditional way to get cool on hot days is to swim in a lake. The water on the surface, maybe 20cm, is warm and below that the water is colder. The water is colder where someone has just moved a lot.
In the summer if there are many hot days in a row, if there isn't a possibility for swimming, it is better to avoiud getting hot than get cool after getting hot. One can ventilate one's whole apartment from the big windows during the cool air of night and morning. If you don't spend long time in a sunny room you don't get so impossibly hot. Curtain cool a room if it is sunny outdoors, but if you spend time in the room, it is nicer if you can see some greenery outdoors since it teaches about temperature regulation. If the sun shines to the window quite much from the side, it may be cooler with window open, but one must check the incoming air if it is at some height too warm.
If you don't eat on a hot day anything heavy or too sugary, you will not get so hot. For example tomato is light, likewise sallads.
A light hat with edge cools the head in the sun.
On can on hot days outdoors spend time in half shadow and get cool in the middle of a big shadow where it is cool, for example in the middle of the shadow of a house. Even a small wind cools. Also inside a forest, especially at the shadow side of a large hill, it can be cooler than on open space. And then again go swiumming.

Looking at the food recipes in a women's magazine, one would think that Africans do not know how to bear hot, since they eat heavy food to which they add lots of sugary as if they felt weak, fatigue and too little vitamins, rise and fish. Arabs in Morocco appeared to be skilled in bearing heat, since they made food from things that make the food lighter and bring vitamins, give needed energy and make lighter the attitude with which one approaches things.

(Living in a sunside apartment it is important to ventilate the whole partment during the cool air of night and morning.  Curtains in the window lessen somewhat how the sun heats the room, but when there is someone in the room it is often better to keep the curtains a little bit open somewhere for one to see greenery, especially trees which teach heat regulation, and some life too, so that one isn't like in a can and get fried. Just outside the sunside windows it is very hot, so one should not keep sunside windows at all open when the sun shines quite directly to them. It is a good idea to divide the aprtment to parts according to where the sun shines and where it does not shine, because the sunny places get hot while a closed door or a bag and other obstacles on the floor prevent cool air on the floor gliding to where it would ne heated. And when the sun changes place, ventilate those rooms to which it no longer shines so much. In a hot room only hot day summer clothes and if your body gets too hot, go outdoors to cool shadow or to cool shower or go swimming. In hot one must especially take care not to eat anything too heavy for such temperatures at all, and not too much of light foods either, for example tomato and fruit but not ordinary food but in the evening when the partment too has gotten cool some ordinary meal that you feel like eating. Often Finns can handlke also the Finnish hot days well, maybe because they got experience in going to sauna and to cool after that, but not those who copy too much from warm or hot countries.)

(If one lives in a hot climate, Finnish skills can teach that cool air always goes downward. That is why freezers always have to be opened from the top and not from the side. In the autumn valley like low places have the danger of frost while hills are warmer. Cloudless night sky makes the night colder.)

In the summer time ordinary shoes are too hot and one should use sandals. On hot days bermudas or a short skirt and a T-shirt or the like or a hot day dress.

If you have in the sun or otherwise in the summer a pressuring not at all good feeling, and the variations of hot and cool don't seem to affect pleasantly and the summer mood is difficult to catch, ypu are propably too school, study or work oriented by your basic way of being or have read too much, to which helps to change to freetime, to a real holiday with a good holiday like attitude and only holiday type of things to do.

Jos ajatukset ovat kesällä osan aikaa löperöitä ja laatu heikompi kuin viileällä, johtuu se osin siitä, että on liian lämmin ja liikkuminen kömpelömpää (käytä liikkeittesi hahmottamiseen sosiaalista silmääsi eikä mekaanista mallia), ja osin siitä, että pitäisi eritellä olemuksestaan, mikä on lämpöä, mikä ruokaa jne mikä mitäkin, niin pää selkenisi.

If thoughts are in the summer part of the time sloppy and their quality poorer than on cool weather, it is partly a result of your body being too hot and your movements clumsy (use your social eye for conceiving your movements and not a mechanical model), and partly of you haven't been detailed on what is warmth, what is food and what is what of each kind of thing, so that you would notice how to think clearly.

Producing nonsense can be a question of having fun, but it can also be a consequence of the body being too hot like on a hot day or dizzy like in a flu while one behaves as if it weren't hot and dizzy but as if one's body had wisdom of life and one's views fractureless like on a morning after a good night's sleep while waking up when one has already risen from one's bed.  So one should cool one's head and body the same way as I told about a rainy day after some hot days, so that one's experience of life starts again to sing and one's perception ability is fractureless and landscape like and not fragmented and dizzy which just supposes but does not check.The wisdom of hot days is something like things not being squeezed to more flat like when it is too cool for the individual, but on a hot day relaxation brings room to be feeling, to make one's own choices, live in a good way and take positive goals along to one's plans, and sometimes, for example with the help of the nature, art or some summer happening, rise high above one's ordinary skill level somewhat like starting from positive goals brings good solutions if and when the basic level has been well taken care of.
In the Finnish climate a moment in the hot sun brings a possibility for regulating body temperature which brings a pleasant feeling and a good day, but it demands that one is actively changing place and activity instead of staying long in one place with certain temperature.

A much too hot body, like other big needs of the body and other big needs, if they are not listened to, can make one very angry, in a rage, for example recommending heavy or ordinary food to one who is too hot already or on a hot day. If it is hot and food causes you to feel not so well, or somehow hollw, or like as if you were forced, or in a bad mood and angry, then you should not eat at all such or anything else so heavy, not even one bite as long as it is so hot. If you feel like eating something, eat room temperature sallad or lemonade, or fresh vegetables or fruits or fatless milk or juice or the like. And you should take well care to get immediately comofrtably healthily cool again for example by going to the shadow of a house, taking a cool shower or going to a lake to get cool.
Likewise nauseating feeling, feeling wobbling(?), problems with keeping balance and pauses in consciousness after having eaten or drunken something in hot, is a sign of there having been too much fat in it or it having been too hot or otherwise too heavy for such weather. Spend some time in cool, for example in a cool shower cures you but don't eat or drink the same as long as it is hot.

If it is a hot day and the air does not move, it is often a sign of a thunderstarm coming with it's cooling rains. During a thunder storm one must not spend any moments on the highest spots and not near them, like not near tall trees, for to avoid being hit by a lightning. One also must not oneself be even roughly counting higher than the environment and not swim, to avoid being stuck by a lightning. Inside a car it is maybe safe, if windows are roughly closed.
On an ordinary day without thunder a wind of varying strenght somewhat like slow waves and moisture in the air, is a sign of quite soon coming ordinary rain. Plants need rainand likewise people need varying weathers to be able to regulate their body temperature and varying weathers bring a possibility for different kinds of things to do and for different types of people living together.

Storm differs from wind and rain in that the wind waves at least some of the full sized trees instead of waving only the branches. Storms also break small branches from trees and throw them to the ground and at some places trees may fall. The weather forecast usually warns of storm in the previous day. Storm wind is often curly and of all the time varying strenght.
In the summer it can rain also tiny round pieces of ice,of differemt size at different occasions. Such rains are often short and on a very small area but can cause damage, for example break car windows if the pieces are really big, so one needs the shelter of a building or protecting one's head with arms and to take quickly children and pets into shelter. Often the sun shines at the same time and it is beautiful, and the ice melts soon on the ground.

2) cool

 In the summer too weathers vary, usually in terms of a few days, so you need more or less clothes. Socks and a quite thin knitted shirt are used for warmth in the summer time. In the coolest days long trousers or a long skirt and a long-sleeved shirt or a thin coat. Running shoes are typically too warm for summer use but they fit cool days, and sandals are the ordinary summer shoes.

On sunny summer days it can be hot in the sun but amazingly much cooler in cool shadowy indoors, which can cause indoors pedantic agitated state of mind, if one does not change to autumn and spring like more active sporty ways to do things and dress warmly enough while one is in shadowy indoors for a long time. Likewise in the summer there can be large shadows of trees or houses, cool evenings and cooler days, when it is good, if you feel cool, be sportily active and dress warmly enough. Warm summer clothes include long-sleeved shirt, thin woolen shirt, socks, long-sleeved trousers, warmer shoes, summer coat, nylon sockings. In coolone cannot lay relaxedly like in the sun and not be as unactive either.If one spends a longer time in cool, one needs the ordinary meals, unlike in a hot day in the sun.

The summer evenings are cool and one needs typically a long-sleeved shirt and long trousers, maybe socks. If one gets cold and maybe shivers from cold, one must put on warmer clothes, move and quite soon go indoors, where one can cook tea and eat something with it, for example Carelian pie with cheese.

In the summer timefi you don't feel well and not with the rythm of life but are somehow melancholic, you have maybe eaten too little, too lightly. Being on a diet to get thin isn't effective on the summer time, but is better on the other seasons when staying warm demands energy. In the summer time you should eat according to what you feel like eating, but healthily with lots of fresh vegetables, and try different types of meals to find out what you need. Often one should eat healthy basic food but as lighter versions than in the other seasons, and part of the time try same kind of meals as people you know to see if those fit to your summer, for example to hot or cool days. Most long for very light meals in the summer time most of the time but sometimes they need also heavy meals like a beaf in the garden, and on cool days or after sitting in cool in the evening for a long time ordinary healthy meals like on the other seasons but especially with fresh vegetables and the like and remembering to drink really lot but not so much water since that does not have salts. 

In the Finland's climate if you live healthily there aren't any cold aches. In warmer climates on cool evenings or on cool days the cool may feel like a rapture and bring cold aches, which are a result of the body being too cold, for example cold on the surface and hot in the middle parts. One can often experience one's own body temperature by touching the skin with a hand. Motion makes blood circulation better and helps to keep the whole body evenly warm, of healthy normal temperature of the body. Mocing sportily also helps to create warmth, if needed, and on the other hand it can with the help of the surrounding cool air cool the body, if needed, but that is evenly on the whole body when blood circulation is good, like it should. Don't copy from people more fat than you or from people more used to hot days than you, so as to avoid learning habits which make the body too cool and are nonsporty. Copy instead from people thinner than you or more used to the Finnish climate, copy things connected to heat regulation and quickness of movements.
(Instructions on how to get warm )

If there is in the summer cool cloudy weather, mainly grey, then courageous and sporty way of moving like in the autumn when weathers get cooler, brings a pleasant mind, good posture/attitude and a taste of life bringing a good day out of a grey one, like the wheels of a car biting into the asphalt.

Usually in teh summer time and especially when it is cooler, not being active brings apathy. It is good to sometimes have a holiday and to enjoy the summer but also more active things lighten up the mood. Motion makes one feel bvetter, for example bicycling and swimming. Lazying fits the hottest days.
(For advices about starting a more sporty life see point 41. at  )

 If you change from hot to cool, don't let the surface of your body get cool, but instead keep the blood circulation good so that you will not be hot inside and cool on the surface (and get aches) but instead your body has healthy kind of even heat.

A rainy day after a sequence of sunny days brings a relief to those who suffered from the heat: to humnas, especially to plants and also to animals. The way one lives on hot days is relaxed largely unactive and sloppy, when on the other hand the relief of cool weather and rain allows (1.) tuning one's body temperature to a nice level between hot days and cool, and brings an (3.) atmospheric, (5.) sporty, (6.) with freedom to do what one likes, (8.) activity and (2.) more distant social relationships like if (4.) everybody has time for themselves and (7.) enough energy to carry through things in a good mood, in a wrod (9.) life sings and the skills brought by other seasons help to keep life nicely, the body warm inside and out the air good for being active and for pleasant being.
About singing experience of life see also this blog's long text about the healthy natural ages old ways of living .

Nervousness in the summer time is usually the same as on the other seasons: a consequence of too cool clothes and of eating too lightly, which is like being on a diet to get thin or having mistaken the season. It is nasty for others because one often then is also tired, negative and agitated toward others while the weather would make all in a socially good mood and friendly, active in well working ways and getting well along, which is one of the best sides of summer for them and among the prequisites for the rest and refrehing effect of their freetime. The forefigures womens' magazines give women are typically characteristics of the most skilled ones, and not the looks of learning to be skilled, and so they among other things are usually much thinner than what would be the right weight for each ordinary individual woman to be naturally in a good mood and for one's life to work out well.

3) variations of weather and adjustments

In the summer one often does not feel well if one spends too much time indoors or is too unactive. One may also often feel not motivated if one is too much indoors or not at all active. One should go out to the greenery and spend much bigger part of one's time outdoors and healthily go to happenings and take part in active life.

If your summer does not work out but you feel somehow as if ill in the summer time, you should take care of the basic things of living the summer. 1.5 liters limonade (light?) fixes most of your need for water and salts (you need it especially once but some buy on a few following days too but they do not need it so dearly then anymore). One should take care that one is not too hot (change to a cooler palce, for example toa big shadow or go swimming or walk to the water or take a cool shower or eat lots of small pieces (small enough to avoid using your teeth more than slightly) of frozen juice (but if you are not used to almost total lack of bacteria due to cold, drink soon afterwards maybe a half a glass of ordinary juice or the like from which you get the bacteria you need or maybe wash your hands with warm water or the like like is customary in your climate.)) or too coll (change to warmer place or put on more clothes, especially socks, and move). Heat regulation skills are brought by admiring the greenery and sporty motion to get blood circulate well. Instead of being stuck indoors one should in the summer time spend as much time outdoors in the lush summer greenery as possible, preferably in half shadow and variedly in the sun or in the shadow, and do meaningful things. Instead oif a habitual fixed perspectiuve one should be of somewhat adventurous mind: what summer time nice you can find around the corner of your house, or in summer happenings or when wandering in the city, visiting people you know, espcecially if they have kids or a garden, or in the swimming place on a lake shore in the half-shadow of trees, and the like. In addition one should avoid eatuing heavily when it is hot but eat something anyway, for example sallad and lemonade, and in the evening a proper meal.

 Some are on guard during the other seasons because of cold and cool, and work well because of that, but in the summer time they don't know how one should live, should one be on guard and how to live. I would say that the fear of being harmed by cold and the hardships of wild animals and plants are mostly on the other seasons, except that the predators hunt birds' young and the offspring of other small animals, and insects and birds eat lots of insects and also the rain may kill lots of insects. But for humans the summer is different mainly because the ways of doing things are different on the summer time: not so formal but more individual, practical and feeling, going quicker through things. Also the environment and the time of the year are different: there are holidays and one should load energy to reserves for the rest of the year instead of emphasizing working. In the summer time warmth brings also a more relaxed rythm: not stuck to habits but being common sense like, listening to the rythms of life, regulating the time spend in sun and shadow, interested more in goals and motivational factors than in working which would suit better cool weather.

If the summer feels somehow flat and too mild, it is maybe because you should have made a clear difference between the time you use to work and to things related to work, and on the other hand to free time activities, for example set aside a certain time each day for work and at other times arrange some active summer like things to do, for example a summer trip to somewhere, so that it is clearly a different time, a differemt kind of sequence of time as work, so that freetime brings forces, energy, relaxation and refreshment.

If you feel that you haven't been left enough room to enjoy the summer, change to clearly holiday like ways, for example to clearly holiday type of clothes and maybe go to some summer happening or get some motion, since summer is for holidays, not just a pause of a quarter of an hour between work.

In the summer time if upon coming from work one is left with a pedantic and/or stuck state of mind which does not fit summer, one should first if one needs such, rest a moment, maybe eat something of suitable kind and drink enough water or the like, maybe quickly change clothes to more leisurely ones. Then right after that spend a while doing something which in a way is work like, real things to do that you drown into, but clearly of free time subjects and not of the type of your work, so that you get rid of work habits and into the subject of spending free time. So for example a game, or reading some papers as a job which you need for some freetime purpose, reading a newspaper story of a freetime subject, taking care of some freetime thing, some hobby, some summer time thing to do or maybe listen some nice song in the radio. After that at least for a moment it would be nice to have somewhat sporty motion as a part of something that you do, for example going to the garden or taking a short bicycle trip somehwere to fetch something and at the same time on the road talking with people and looking at the greenery. The rest of time freely but motivatedly and fitting your own things together with the wishes of others according to the rule "Live and let others live".

If the summer feels noninteresting and largely all the time the same things offered and maybe too hot and too soft, you have propably thought of the summer as longer than it is and you haven't picked from the happenings, hobbies and other activities just the most fascinating ones, but instead you have been absentmindedly taking part in too many not-so-interesting ones. Summer time is a good time for highlights. Even if you couldn't go to a really interesting happening more often than once a week, it is worth it anyway, even if the way there would be longer. Then if you during the week for example go to swim sometime, it brings a fresh mind, a pleasant feeling and physical fitness. Also the greenery feels stronger if in your life there is also something else fascinating than always the same two or three trees or bushes to look at and all day long nothing else to do. Being active and sporty motion bring a good mood and fascinating things make life feel fuller. If you are for example on a holiday trip taking part skriik skrääk only for the company of others, you don't bring an as good holiday to your children either as when you were in a good mood, with a healthy spirit and fascinated with life, sending others to such life cheerfully too. 

Don't go to a strict diet to get thin for the summer if you aren't good with diets. Instead listen to your feelings and temptation about what would be the right amount of food, what kind of food and how much activities. If you some day before noon don't want to eat more than juice and maybe an apple, you will not get fat from that, since it is your natural choise and not a diet. In the winter there is lots of time indoors and so food may take the place of content for life, but when the possibilities to move outdoors and do all kinds of nice things in the wider world increase, you likewise need less food when things to do bring energy. In the spring and summer you need less food, but not all the time light but sometimes also a proper meal and a proper snack according to what you feel like eating, and if you no longer feel like eating, just drop it away in the middle right then. Happiness and smile charm better than a thin body, but it is natural to get somewhat thinner toward the summer, without loosing a good mood.

Finland's summer is too hot for some and too cool for some. But a Finn can adjust one's body heat regulation between Lapplandish staying warm in cool and hot day's relaxed lazying in the sun. Good feeling is like in half-shadow: On the other hand summer like warm but not hot and on the other hand a nice cool breeze from one direction or from another after just short pauses, so that it is easy to regulate one's body temperature according to which one one goes along with more. In half-shadow it is also nice the sunlight coming through the tree branches: it's beauty and the warmth of sunny spots which though isn't hot.

In Finland summer is the favourite season for most even though they like other seasons too. So if your summer does not work out, if it does not feel so nice, try to be without influencies from other climates and maybe from other cultures too, but live only in the Finnish way, so that with Finnish skills and Finnish ways of living the summer usually is a magnifient experience and very comfortable, relaxed, enjoying the summer time.
But the people in Lappland don't feel well in warm summer but have great skills for very cool weathers. Sauna teaches Finns some skills of living with the hottest summer days, but one must take care to not to spend a long time on a hot sunny open space or the like. But on a hot summer day sauna isn't a good idea in the evening either, because the body needs on the hottest days the coolness of the evenings to recover from the hottest time and to ready for the next day.

In the summer, like in the other seasons, it is good if one has also something else to do and the weather, even if it would be warm or otherwise a summer weather, is just part of the time subject of attention, since weathers vary and demand adjustments which for the active is something nice to do in between but which for the lazy can be a burden and ruin the joy from the day.

If you are among the few who do not like summer, you can move to live nearer Lappland or to Lappland. In the sea cost winters aren't as cold as inland. And there are both towns and smaller places. But winters are there darker, and in the north there is a time in the winter when sun does not rise above the horizon.
Foreign tree species get leaves two or three weeks later than the ordinary Finnish tree species. If that is enough of summer for you, you could well move to live a few hundred kilometers northward.

In the spring foreign tree species, which especially some parks in the city centers have, they get leaves later. So in the beginning of summer when they do not yet have full sized leaves, one should be especially with Finnish tree species in order to enjoy greenery. That is why instead of to the city centre one should go for a walk to suburbs, forest patchs, bicycle roads or the like, so summer comes quicker and lasts longer.
In the middle of May Finnish tree psecies have full sized leaves. So they look just like in the summer. But they do grow new leaves in the summer time. If trees don't have full sized leaves then, they are either foreign species or on a very shadowed place. So find some other place to enjoy the beginning of the summer. The summer does not feel like it begun already if trees don't have full siuzed leaves.

Each season's way of living, things to do, rythm of life, mood, how prepared you are and to which things, attitudes toward the weathers and the phenomena in life, type of being active and how one is tuned to certain way of living with it's values and attitudes, are diffrent from season to season and so one should not think of the other seasons while one lives a certain seasons. The temparature difference between Finland's hottest summer day and coldest winter day is some 60 degrees Celcius and so each season is of it's own kind and does not allow being tuned to other seasons. Roughly a month forward and maybe a week or two backwards in time one can tune to weathers and for maybe two months forward be prepared to what kind of weathers are coming and to be aware till the endof the season that one presently lives when ne season turns to another, but not further or one loses one's skill to live the seasons. Each season has it's own way of doing and so winter things should not be read about in the summer ort one does not learn from them skills in staying warm for winter time's need and loses joy from the summer.

The elements of healthy natural life are like nutritients: you need of them at least alittle bit but the right amount is determined by your sensations and their effect on your life. or example it is good to spend time in the nature uin the summer, but if you don't like it, try it some time for a moment and the next time find a better place, time, company, activity etc so that the choices fit you and are with a healthy spirit. If you don't like something, typically it isn't a very good idea to do it every day, at least mcuh. On the other hand one needs for example motion bbut one needs to find a way of moving that fits oneself and brings good effects, movce according to temptations and not like a machine.

The day of the poet Eino Leino is 6th July, but who would have the energy to read in the middle of summer? In the beginning of the summer poems fitted better and lifted the atmohsphere and wisodm of life.

Music in the radio is often chosen to fit the time and seasdon, so that following the radio can be a key to right ways of living the season, also to ways suited to keeping warm.

The weathers and temperatures vary in summer days a lot. If you look at the outdoors thermometer several times a day, it is easier for you to dress according to the weather and to rythm your actions right. Even if the thermometer shows wrong temperature when sun shines to it, you can still estimate from it something of the heat. There are also differencies in temperature between locations so summer cottage should have it's own outdoor thermometer.

If you donot know the weathers of other seasons, you still need a thermometer. Already a difference of 10C is for clothes like a difference between seasons. 
In the summer when hot sunny weather changes to cool rainy weather can neighbouring days have a temperature difference of 20C.

Summer holiday or enjoying the summer does not mean only lazying, even though that is typical for hottest days, but even if you were a lazy character, it is good for enjoyment, activity and getting things done, if you have at least five monutes of things to do quickly and continue from that like is natural free running kind of singing still active, so you have content to life, touch with life, taste of life, variation, get things done, realize that activity brings a good mood, and a varying rythm too.

I only now realized that all maybe don't like the summer, but it seens to be a question of a lack of skill. In the summer the rythm of life is differentamddepends on the weather. One does not sit for long at one place, more likeone spedns time. If one for example goes to market place, so from one place one has one kind of view, the next moment the buzzle of people covers it, from a third point again another kind of view to the life at the market place. In the summer time the rythm varies quickly, from relaxed spending time to wandering or doing, watching the weather, admiring the greenery, being social etc. Partly that is why food too should not be heavy but lighter which leave room for being lively - except of course if you for sure are hungry a certain amount.
To the summer clishes belong ice cream on children, and all tend to need some ice cream for catching a summer mood, but adults typically dont feel like eatinga s much ice cream as they out of a habit tend to buy. going to swim is nice, even every day. It is nice to spend time in the garden, children palying and adults doing something or just spending time. Some think that eating out in the garden is one of the highlights of the summer but for others it is too heavy because it is warm.
Trips, visiting people, happenings, some nice motion together with neighbours for example beach volley or frisbee. If you feel melancholis you have too little to do, and too little happenings. Holiday trips in Finalnd.

Often one feels nasty in the summer if one spends too much time in the sun or for long in only shadow. The best is half shadow under the trees when there is slight wind and company or variedly in the sun and shadow. Also on sunny days there are quite small round clouds on the sky which offer moments of shadow also on sunny days.

In Finland one can, if one wants, make love in the summer time, it aren't too hot, but one should avoid doing it in the hottest summer days, in hot places or where ordinarily is hot so that there are more bacteria there, and avoid too hard hysical activity on very warm days, and take care of being clean, for example by taking a shower and changing clothes and sheets.

The summer does not feel like summer if you hanven't swimmed in a lake, walked barefoot on grass and spent time in the nature for example in a garden and been active.

4) Other summer time nuisancies

Young birds are not skille din walking and the bird mother commands them to stay in the nest, and that can make people too clumsy in the beginning of the summer. Likewise in the beginning of the summer one may be outdoors less skilled than usual, if that is connected to young birds, for example via sounds of birds.
Insects worry about the autumn and would like to know that by looking at a (pine?) forest (/nature?) landscape one can from it's atmosphere learn autumn and cool weather skills and maybe try them already in the summer time.

In the end of July and in the beginning of Ayugust, when there have been the heat of July for a long time, there are more bacteria around than usual and so wounds get easily inflammated. The amount of bacteria gets smaller maybe two weeks after the hot days are gone.

In the summer and especially in periods with hot weather one needs to brging the garbage out to garbage can(?) much more often to precvent it from smelling, so one might recommend once a day and things with food that gets easily spoiled and starts to smell a lot one should bring out to the garbage immediately. Compost separately from the other trashes, since compost smells more easily and one should classify trashes. If you cannot take a smelling garbage immediately outy to garbage can, put it to cool, like garbage in kitchens is in cool low under the kitchen sink in a closet which prevents the smell from spreading so easily, and shut it in a plastic bag airtightly so that it cannot spread it's smnell. If you were left at all with a feeling like with bacteria in your hands or hands dirty, wash your hands with cool water on a wide area and do not touch food or dishes immediately afterwards but after a moment it is ok. But in the winter time it can be almost antiseptic and it isn't good to take garbage out so often.
In the summer, if there are any, even tiny, pieces of food in the sink, it may easily start to smell, to which helps carefully avoiding pieces of food in the sink and maybe a thin metal net, that you can empty, above the sink hole. The sink can also start to smell because it is dry, to which helps to run large amounts of water to it. In the shopd it is sold some liquid with which to open a sink, but one must be very careful with such since they are not healthy. One can also place a bulb or cover above a smelling sing so that the smell does not spread.In the summer cottage it could also be the mice using the sink as a toilet, to which helps to discuss with family members a better alternative for them, especially that for the mice it is oh so nice to live outdoors in the lush nature in the summer time.

In the darkest times of the year in december feels darkness like a burden. In the summer one can lioad sunlight to storage by enjoying the lightness. On the other hand, if you miss darkness, you can in addition to using curtains for dimming the room also load your need for darkness to storage for the darkest seasons to bring a more pleasant mood. It somehow helps even if some other season brings a suitable amount of light and looking around or darkness, rest and at home at the warmth of a blanket with the suppoirt of warm food calming down, maybe in the light of a reading lamp to other worlds by the eyes of a book peeking.

In the summer time in the evenings and in cool moist places there are often mosquitoes, to which helps somewhat to be polite and considerate toward them, and in addition there are mosquito repellents but they are often too poisonous and one should avoid them. Usually places which mosquitos like are avoided in the evening time and so one goes indoors or much further away from clearly moist terrain and pools on the ground in which mosquitoes enjoy to live. To windows there are mosquito nets which one can use if one wants to keep the window open, but they are nets fastened to a wooden frame and not like in the tropics. One should not scratch mosquito bites, at least not much since that causes them to tingle more. One can buy from the aphotec some salva for them.
In addtion there are in the summer time ticks(??) which spend time in long grasses. Because of them one needs after travelling in long grasses in the evening of the same day check one's body and that of one's kids and pets that there are no such fastened to one's body. One can easily remove a tick(?) by a tick remover that is sold in the aphotecks or in the pet equipments in shops. It has a loop that is places next to the skin around the tick(?), then made the loop smaller and turned around quite lightly which easily removes the parasite. Some ticks(?) spread a disease called borreliosis, but it does not spread immediatreöly when the tick bites but only after a longer time. If around the bite comes later a larger reddish circle, one should contact a nurse or doctor. But all ticks do not spread borreliosis. If a tick is left for a longer time it's bite in the skin gets slightly or somewhat more inflammated.

About summer love (from this blog's text about the healthy natural ages old ways of living, advice 173. yet not translated):
"If one tries to live according to a more sexual reputation than what one feels right and natural for oneself, one easily feels agitated and tired since the relationships and life do not work out as well as they should. So if one wants to be more sexual with roughly all of the opposite sex to get social contacts work out well, the sex roles are good for that, but one should not take whatever role or the most recommended role but instead find the one that is most natural for oneself, gives best life, is something that you easily fall into on free time, something from which you find good life and nice things to do that just you happent olike, so that you are active and in a good mood with a good spirit and so in associating with people momentarily or going to shops and such, maybe one third of the opposite sex makes you think "Oh a woman" or "Oh a man" somehow handsomely, charmingly, pleasantly and you get well along.
On the other hand if you search for how you yourself would be very sexual and charming, then living Life with a big L, while searching for better life according to the rule "Live and let others live" (see this blog's text about it and it's link), maybe brings such in those circles which you like, to which you want to anchor your life."

If the summer does not work out, does not feel nice, does not start well or feelsnonmotivating, swim in a lake, at least once, so you get a summer like feeling. At least walk to the water. It helps somewhat also to swim in a pool outdoors.

Summer advices

When the warm summer weathers arrive in May, it is important to change to cool enough summer clothes that look quite nice and are nice to wear but which are not too cared for because such brings stiffness or pretending ways.  Then it is important to spend time outdoors enjoying the greenery, it's smells, the coming of the summer.
In the beginning of the summer it is good to buy a summer flower that blooms the whole summer, or if you have a garden then flowers to the garden, because that brings lots of pleasantness and helps to get a touch of summer.

Finland's summer is short compared to Middle Europe and warm countries, so that one cannot copy from them at all or one loses the whole summer since it goes past much much too quickly. So Finland's summer demands grasping the moment. One needs to spend time outdoors when it is warm and green, already in the beginning of summer a ot outdoors and going to swim immediately when the water is warm enough, and to go to summer cottage in just thow maybe two weeks when the weather is good and one has holiday. Part of the time it is rainy and the temperatures vary according to cloudiness, winds, rain etc. Most hot days are in July, but then is the summer soon over, so one needs to grasp the moment already in the beginning of June and enjoy the summer. The bushes and trees bloom most beautifully and the bird song concert are already in the change of May to June and bird song already in the spring.

Summer isn't a question of surviving through weathers & challenges, like other seasons in a way are. Summer is more like a question of leisurely ways and holidays: how to be able to relax, how to get much out of a holiday and collect energy for using in the rest of the year.
Relaxation helps in warm and in hot, and in relaxing it is essentially to not to read work or school things but instead takes lots of time off, takes things leisurely and figures out free time fun, healthy kind of things to do and nice free time like interests like recognising bird species and plants, gardening, trips, happenings, novels, talking with friends and aquiantages, travelling, hobbies, etc. A varying rythm in the things you do and in your day bring freedom to take into account weathers, varyingly light foods, company and things you do.

Catching the summer mood

In the beginning of the summer the ground is still cool and the water in the lakes cold, but at least some time in June it would be good - at least once in a summer, but better if more often - to walk on grass with bare feet, lay on the tall grasses watching grasses and trees overhead waving in the wind and clouds in the sky, and on a hot day or from sauna after a pause of few minutes go to swim on a nearby lake. So one has better endurancy for the whole year to come. In the summertime one should also go to summer cottage at least for one weekend and also sit sometiumes in a garden.

Estonian Saarenmaa valtz, here in Finnish by the famous Estonian singer Georg Ots, fits the Finnish June:

Just in the beginning of the summer all still remember the burden of work or school and even the elderly suffer from the months spent too much indoors. So you cannot start the summer well by copying from others, but you can copy good ideas, single things to do that were good for starting the summer activities, mood, energy and enthusiastic happy mind, and so do such things oneself or with one's family and other summery holiday like things too, isntead of copying the atmosphere of others which still suffers from the past seasons.

If it already begins to be the summer, but you havenät yet gotten touch with the way of living it but stay indoors instead, try ina sunny moment go outdoors to some luch green place to watch at the greenery, flowers and listen to birdsong and feel the scents of the beginning of the summer. Even going around a block of houses with gardens if it is sunny and green, but a half an hour trip to some forest makes one realize the season, time to change to holiday nad load energy for the rest of the year. Also doing something outdoors in the sunny moments brings energy to one's habits and helps to realize the season, for example taking the bicycle out and trying it, garden work and bicycle trip.

 The beauty of nature is partly a question of a way of looking. One should be interested in the multitude and richness of forms and colours, of the atmosphere of plants' growth whne looked among other things along the way they have grown, the magnifient moments of bird's flight, treen looked from near, the nature from the point of view of an insect or bird where even a small branch or grass can be biggest factors of the living environment, the atmosphere of the time of tha day with it's birdsong, light coming through the leaves to a mist, how one always finds new variations slightly different details full of feeling and atmospheric for example in pine's surface and it's thick branches, in the beauty of a forest lanscape viá trees, the different atmosphere of each type of lants etc.

Would a garden game for fun help to start the summer alsoon elderly people?

In the hot days one needs to remember to drink lots of water and to eat something salty with which to replace sweating's salt loss. Shadow and wind cool, likewise cool lake waters (in the beginning of summer walking to the water and when there have been a few hot days then swimming) and not eating food as warm. In the hot days one needs less food, because body warmth does not need extra energy, but it is good to eat sometimes. Sunside rooms are often hooter than outdoors and shadowside cooler. Relaxed ways bring a relief in hot days, and tense like reading or memorising read things brings a nasty feeling on hot days. One should not spend long times in the sun without a hat, because if the head gets too warm one gets a headache and nauseating feeling and may faint, to which helps cool and shadow. Half shadow under the trees is often nice on hot days and watching the nature helps giving skill in being with the hot weather, for example relaxation.

Cooler summer days in between bring relief to those for whom the summer is too hot, and bring a possibility of being active after/between hot summer days.

Here is in a video a song called Morning in Airisto (archipelago area at the sea): "So brightly, brightly sihnes the sea at Airisto. When the wind moves joyfully, on the waves sing this relaxed song of mine. When slenderly, far bendingly hurries this our boat far away, we don't have any worries, the wind took them away, we drown in sleep. It's pure silver glimmer I see at the top of the waves. I tie my arms to your throat h my lovely darling. Now morning sun glimmers, to it's charms I am left. ..."

In the summer there are a variety of summer happenings around Finland, to which it is nice to take part. Those are often on small towns or villages. In them one can admire in addition to art, also pleasant weather, lush greenery and old living environments and traditional ways of living.

In July it is often quiet in towns and people on a holiday, often on a summer cottage or on a holiday trip in Finland.

Here in the video two singers from the Finnish National Opera sing a traditional Finnish song Where rowing in the wind: "Where rowing(like to row a boat, means waving) in the wind slender white-trunked (with black raptures) trees sing, and most roses shine, there our beautiful wedding bride processions joyfully plays/dances/runs around, the echo rollingly repeats our joy. There our childhood's days most shining are, when we wander on familiar lands. There we shall vow a love oath that ought to not to be broken, so that we would always have love. ..."

 In a summer time's rainy day wear long trousers or the like. Then you can wear a coat and go for a walk to see and listent o the rain and the nature somewhere where there are trees or bushes: to listen to the rain drops on leaves, to look at the beauty of the rainy weather's nature and to smell the greenery on rain or just after a rain. When you return home, put wet shoes to dry well ja wear dry woolen socks, eat pie or something of the kind and maybe drink a cup of tea.
In a rainy day you can take care of such things that belong to ordinary life but you have no time for on hot summer days, like reading leisurely something, wash clothes, repair something that has gotten broken etc, so that all such has been leisurely done when it comes warmer weather and the real good time to spend time outdoors.
In summer cottage we have sometimes sung and played when it rainbs and went outdoors when the clouds pass. And when it rains longer, watched some DVD movie. If it does not rain so much, you can well do things outdoors when it rains, if you want, like making a bird nest box, if you have the possibility to dry clothes that have gotten wet.On cool days one eats ordinary food, but on warm days one eats something light and takes care to not to eat too much on hot days. The evenings are often cooler and it is also cooler indoors, so if your body has gotten cool, you can eat ordinarily even if it was a warm day.

I have used to think that poet Eino Leino's day is 6th of June (and not of July) and that has been good so, when the greater art's civiliced wisdom conquers book knowledge from school, work and studies, so one does not get squeezed but is left with enough room for life. Eino Leino's poems are beautiful nature, love and the laws governing life poems, old, touching, among the most famous in Finland.

"The Song of the Sage Väinämöinen

There aren't many joys given to a human child:
One the joy of spring
and another of summer
and third of high, clear autumn's joy.
Plough, saw,
rest at last in peace from labour.

There aren't many sorrows given to a human child:
One a sorrow of one's heart,
another worry of living,
and third of high, strict death's sorrow.
A friend betrays,
life leaves you,
magic is hero's only work and enthusiasm.

Why would sing I, to whom kantele was given,
other joys
and other sorrows?
I cannot count the stars of the sky,
neither the fishes of the sea,
not the flowers of the grasses.
So I sing of what a human is given to sing about.

Men should not sing knowledge, skills,
not bring forth them.
A hero is allowed
to sing only, how years change and weeks,
how sparks get lighted
and dimmen away again
and how goes the law of death and life.

All else is just glimmering of the sky,
splash of the waves.
A hero ought to sing like the sea,
as great, holy,
something to be afraid of,
tender like the resting night over the lands.

There are many songs, also many men of songs.
There is one song
above the others:
humans' ideal's, spirit's strict song.
Peoples disappear,
what does not disappear
is the might sung by a great one knowing the soul of one's people."

Eino Leino (My translation)

"Grave song

Restless is the river and waves roll,
sea alone is great and sea lovely.
Sleep river in the arms of the sea.

Wind wanders and leaf flies.
Happy the one who was in time in a valley.
Sleep leaf in the arms of the valley.

When the day rises, the star fades away.
One does not fade away for forever, the one who left from life.
Sleep star in the arms of the day."

Eino leino (My translation)

"I wander the paths of the forest

I wander the paths of the forest
on a summer evening thinking deeply by myself
and my chest enlargens of joy
and I sing, just sing.

There in the lush woods under a hill
it was strange a moment ago
so slight, wonderful
under the green leaves of trees.

I, a man, only know it,
only me and somebody else
and the lush wood's loving bird
and a tree in flower spreading it's scent."

Eino Leino (My translation)


Dark wheat bird's song in my ears,
above the wheat seeds full moon;
summer nights happiness is mine,
to a mist dresses themselves the valleys.
I am not joyful, I am not sad or sighing;
but bring to me forest's dark colours,
the red of the clouds to which day vanishes,
faraway sight of a windy hill that sleeps,
the scent of tiny pink flowers and the shadows of lakes;
of these I weave my heart's song.

To you I sing miss, summer grass,
my heart's great silence,
my religion, sing as melodies,
an oak leaves head decoration lush, new.
I am no longer tracing vanishing fake lights,
in my hand happiness's gold,
life's sphere around me gets smaller;
time stops, wind indicator sleeps;
in my front a twilighty road
leads to an unfamiliar cottage."

Eino Leino (My translation)

"When my woman left

I did not get, my dear woman,
any other souvenir from you,
than only your foot print left on my home shore -
took the waves that too from me already."

Eino Leino  (My translation)

If one knows how to stay warm, knows the Finnish seasons and the Finnish wilderness, the old Finnish paintings in Ateneum Art Museum are a fine experience.

In the summer time it is nice to wander and for example go to market place or travel along a shore or the street of the garden district, but for that one needs good shoes, which are often sturdy sandals that don't shear(?) feet. All sandals aren't as good. The quality of shoes depends also on the place you buy them from. If it is a cooler weather one does better with other kinds of shoes. One shoudl not limb all the summer but find so good shoes that wandering is no problem.

Midsummer is the lightest time of the year, of the summer before the autumn gets closer again. Midsummer is best celebrated ona summer cottage or in Midsummer happening, where essential is the large Midsummer fire, summer evening, children running around, eating thin pancakes with jam if it is cool, traditional ahndicrafts, dance etc shows in the beginning of the evening, the twiulight of the summer night, the charm of a special time of the year and the Finnish nature lakeside, maybe dance a little bit with one's spouce if there is Midsummer dance and when one has watched at the flames of the Midsummer fire enough, then home and soon slowly to bed. Midsummer is in a way a celebration of the summer and thinking of the seasons, and a sense of the shortness of the summer, because Midsummer is called the middle of the summer celebration, charm of the summer night realizing that after maybe two weeks it already s tarts to get darker. Take along a woolen shirt, maybe a coat and socks, because as the night advances it gets cool. Maybe also an umrella and some money to buy the thin pancakes or the like, and pay attention to where you left the car or what time goes the bus on day like sunday.

Summer starts when you have been swimming in a lake. There is something ages old in that. Lake water is somehow more natural in the summer time than the shower water of towns or the water of swimming pools. At least walk to the weater, so as to get a part of the effect. Sometimes there spreads algae to lakes later n teh summer which prevents swimming.
Aso walk barefeet ona grass. It brings a summer like feeling. And spend time in garden or at summer cottage.

July with it's many hot days is traditional holiday month. Latest in the beginning of July one needs to swim in a lake for the summer to feel like summer at all.
July is the hottest summer month and then you need to get the joy out of summer, because after that in the halfway of August begin schools and the summer is over. Even though one counts the end half of August to late summer, the most summer like weathers and the summer end when schools start on the average.

Does playing accordeon teac living with the seasons, when accordeon has a beautiful voice in a not-so-fine looks? The sound of accordeon has many pitces at the same time which brings to mind living with the nature and the weather and the seasons. Playing 5-rowed accordeon is easy compared to piano accordeon and it maybe is the same kind of easiness as is good to have in questions of ways of living: easy natural choises according to feelings with a sense of atmospheres.

In adventure books people typically know how to live the seasons well, likewise in animal stories. In their own ways also poems teach livbing with teh seasons, likewise loving the nature and having a sports hobby.

Trips to the nature can be pleasant when it is beautiful, green and half shadow, but for them one needs good shoes and one needs to look at the landscapes enough to avoid getting lost. Take a water bottel along for each to drink. Going to an art exhibition can teach how to look at the nature so that it looks beautiful.

There are many songs that suit summer, maybe most songs. The harmony of warms ummer time is decribed for example by Sunnuntaiaamuna ("Ir is summer's bright morning and a summer sunday. Trees don't move a leaf, also birds are silent! Slightly bloom the fields, the hills are green and the religious morning bells ring just peace, peace...")
For example love song seem to fit the seasons when one can spend time outdoors without problems.

Here the band sings in the end part of the hottest summer: "There are still some summer days left. There will still be beautiful days. You will still get a chance. ..." (Only maybe a half of the pictures of this video seem to be from Finland and half from warmer countries.)

July is a time of full bloom. The late summer shows plants as grown to their full size, with mature wisdom. In the end of the summer it is harvest time in gardens, of course in agriculture too.



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