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Healthy ways of living, continued 44. - 115.

44. According to my social eye there isn't such thing as the same healthy ideal weight for all, the same amount of being fat or thin which would make them all healthy, happy, in a good mood, with a good endurancy, brings a good pleasant feeling and makes energetic and alive. Instead the need for food of different people and because of that the emotionally felt ideal weight is very different for different people and depends on skills, wisdom of life and moral. So instead of thin or fat pay ettention to if the person is negative agitated without a sense of atmoshpheres and too thin, or lively good mood healthy feeling well near one's emotionally felt ideal weight or fed up, forceless, angry ina fed up way, too fat compared to what one feels right. If one gets more positive content to one's life and pleasant stimuli, one does not need to eat so much and does not need to be so fat.

45. If food does not seem to find it's right place, healthy ways to eat and healty well being, then often music teaches many things, could if one found the right kind of music it teach healthy successful attitudes toward food too? Also playing a musical instrument of a trademark associated with food might be one guess of such.

46. It is good to get more independent as one gets older, the amount that one's skills, experience, social eye etc give room to. Then one can according to the behaviour rule "Live and let others live" (= It is ok to be selfish but not to disturb the lives of others, except fairly.) find company that suits oneself and things to do that suit oneself and so one does not need to pour one's needs upon others. My Finish language blog teaches talents, skills and the skill of changing social box.

47. Keeping company all the time prevents one from getting things done, from being active and makes one slow. It is good to go to one's own things to do, to one's hobbies by oneself alone to a hobby group, but on the other hand it helps if one's ordinary company is at least somewhat interested in the same things, for example for a sports hobby one's ordinary company at least sometimes gets a spark of moving, a some kind of sporty game if not else for a few hits on the ball, and in addition the hobby group enthusiastic about their hobby.

48. One does not learn right ways to eat by looking who feels well and what have they eaten, instead one needs to ponder what amount of what kind of food and how fat would bring oneself a pleasant feeling, health and energy. But of humans one can estimate whether they have wisdom of life and how much. Those with least wisdom of life are angry, detsructive, artificial and without regard for the consequencies of their actions. Those somewhat interested in wisdom of life but without much skill in it tend to be food centered, and those somewhat more skilled food centered and satisfied and feeling. While those skilled in wisdom of life are in a good mood, active, with healthy spirit and feeling.
If you don'ty feel stringly about fatyness or food, then propably your present ways of living are good for you in what comes to food. But if you feel a strong temptation to some direction, then propably you would be of some other type of humans at that direction quite far from the present habits, so if you keep your wosdom you could that way be happier, but it aren't always all the way, just the direction is right. Sexual fascination is often a wish to develop in skills, talents and ways of living toward having also the skills of the other one, or more detailedly also the ways of living which affects also talents, skills and happiness. But if you for example are a thin person fascinated about the fat, maybe your iudeaö weight is in that direction but only part of the distance, maybe 20% or whatever, because the hungry are fascinated about food but a few kilos extra makes you feel you have eaten enough and so such fascinations disappear, which is the situations that you eat enough and somewhat heavier but aren't so fat after all.

49. Would it help to find good ways to live if one looks at the little birds in the winter time?

50. If one does not have energy and things that one does do not seem to work out, it helps a lot if one always emphasizes healthy spirit, moral and healthy common sense - and eats like one feels right amount of food needed and right type of food for oneself, and does not live food centeredly, comes along to each thing done along spontaneous motivation while taking care of the basic level of skill in the things done like beginners and avoids keeping in mind lots of formal things, habits, technical things, tactical things etc and does not keep company to all all the timre but comes along to many types of things to do so that one finds one's own types of things to do and the company fond of them.

51. Lebanonian-American Gibran wrote finely about work in his book Prophet:
"You work that you may keep pace with the earth and the soul of the earth."
"When you work you are a flute through whose heart the whispering of the hours turns to music."
"And what is it to work with love?
It is to build a house with affection, even as if your beloved were to dwell in that house.
It is to charge all things you fashion with a breath of your own spirit,"
Often when one reads impressive thoughts, one's own thoughts rise higher and reach one's own ideals better tahn withoutreading them.
That of course supposes that one has had the freedom to choose one's profession oneself and that you can follow your own rythm in it at least somewhat and that it isn't done brainlessly accordigto a timetable, but work's usefulness has been healthily thought of and needless things and those done with a bad way of doing has been dropped away. But being active is often good in any case, making life taste more like life and brings energy and wider circles so that one does not stumble to things because of being too stick.

52. When learning healthy ways of living from the example of others, one does not copy detailedly what the forefigure does, especially not to copy the exact amount detailedly, but instead compares everything to one's own feelings and to whether that area of life can e a part of the ages old human nature ina healthy way. First of all copy from feelings +/-, by which I mean whether the thing causes positive or negative feelings to the person in question and what is the point in that from the point of view of needs. Usually or almost always one reaches for positive feelings, makes choises based on them. For example is the forefigure feels more lively upoin eating an orange, one eats oneself for example a tomato and not exactly the same amount as the others one but instead what feels good for oneself. Likewise if the other one benefits from motion, one practises some sort of motion oneself too but the type of motion should be good for just oneself and the amount of motion just good for oneself.

53. One should not copy from so distant type of persons or so distant level fo skill that you haven't yourself noticed him/her to be skilled or that he/she even isn't of the same type of humans as you are. It can be that some other type of person has great skills but if you don't want to change your type to that type of persons, then your own inclinations put a stop on copying and so you cannot learn those skills because they depends on what one exactly does and how one does things, and also if you don't have basic skills, how would you learn many levels higher skills which presuppose those basic skills? If you compare this to learning via sexuality, in that admiration and liking are essential, you want to change at least somewhat to that type of person. And that connects to you liking that tye of persons. One learns skills level by leveöl starting from the basic things, so copy from those who are about the next skill level up from yours, for example skilled forefigures estimated by your own knowledge of skills.

54. Some do not know food  tye of things , so they copy from the fat. But it is so that the thin are more hungry than the fat and just the hungry tend to eat. A thin person often thinks that she/he wants to be fat, and on the other hand a fat person wants to be thin or of normal weight. So copy only from your own weight class your own type of persons who have lots of wisdom, and not from too distant types whose situation of life is different.
Looking from a distance, one would think taht many suffer from a lack of moral and not from wrong kind of diet, because lack of moral increases conflicts and failures which increases the need for food. If one always says negatively about positive values, it feels like a lack of food.

55. If at home it is just cleaned but not things nicely or just messy, it aren't as nice and bringing energy as arranging things nicely and sometimes when one has something nice to do which has a nice atmosphere then leave something of that in sight to bring nice looking, well working pleasant environment and life.

56. While cleaning one should avoid (especially in Finland's climate and colder) tough cleaning soaps etc, and instead use the most usual mild "soaps" when something is needed, since the living environment should have some bacteria for one to feel well, and in Finland's climate there are very few bacteria compared to warmer countires, but there should not be very dirty. Soaps etc are needed in hot humid climates and not so much at all in Finland.
In Finland there are n snakes and no dangerous insects near homes, so that one does not need to cut the lawn, at least not so detailedly but preferably leave some beautiful grasses and nature's flowers to bring beauty and a touch with the nature.

57. Healthy ways of living mean in my opinion healthy natural ages old ways of living on all areas of life, on all sides of human lives. Like for example of course food from the nature, motion, seasons, nature as a living environment, natural strimuli, the natural place for feelings in human lives, in understanding, in action, in the workings of the society, in skills, etc, natural ways of doing things, healthy spirit in reactions, elements of the natural ways of living like drinking from a small stream, listening to raindrops' sound, getting more energetic when sun shines again, etc.

58. A too big apartment makes one melancholic and takes one's money too much to the rent. Apartments should have as many rooms as there are people who live in them. Then it is nicest and economically better. I do not know how much room the younger children need, maybe half a room?

59. There are lots of rigid rules and rigid knowledge in the world and it is important to find room for oneself and for self-expression amidst them. Often it helps if one thinks about what was the idea in this, how is such idea followed and how would I do so in a way that is natural for myself, for example instead of a rigidly determined movement of some form, a spontaneous movement according to one's own feelings as a motivation for it toward a similar direction doing in practise roughly the same things if needed.

60. Usually one does not manage to better ways of living by trying all the time because such leads to exhaustion. Instead one should every now and then out of one's own motivation istead of following rigidly some advices, follow those things belonging to better ways of living for a while and then again live like usual without anything collapsing to worse. And then again some time when one has motivation try for a while those better ways of living like a hobby. And then when one's fitness, endurancy and skill and habits slowly get better, first spend a longer time on better roads and more often, and then gradually when one notices the benefits coming from them, then all the time on better ways of living.

61. "About reaching for beautiful things
When I have read women's magazines and had arts hobbies, they have handled beautiful things of high level of skill but the quality of life, happiness and health, hasn't risen high, more liken gotten lower, at least if one copies from people who usually have such hobbies.
If some skill is difficult, some people survive through it by copying only the outer form, without real content, and so it seemed to happen to arts and beautiful things etc. Instead one should have along a good basic way to do things, a good basic way to live, upon whgich to build those skills. So one should have healthy common sense, healthy ways of living and healthy spirit and no acting and no formal ways.
When people tell about skills, they usually tell the outer form of those skills, a little bit like in school. One is not supposed to copy it slave like, with a way of doing, but instead it is just knowledge, a one piece of knowledge among many and it alone isn't enough. On the other hand, if you live with a good basic way of living which is sporty and at least somewhat courageous, if you add to that that knowledge, you can like ordinary school and other civilized learning, you can then with yur own skills from your basic way of living build that greater skill, which then makes your life "sing". But that demands that you have also the possible intermediate skill levels, for example can understand and do things yourself, have practical skills, healthy ways of living, social ways with heralthy spirit, behaving constructively in the society, etc.

62. From my Finnish language blog from the text "väärinymmärryksiä ajattelukyvystä":
When one copies from the most skilled, one learns good ways to do things and grows in skills and quality.
But some copy too socially, too diligently copy characteristics as if they tried to be copies of the model or act him/her. Then they do not learn skills but only social looks, which isn't the ground for skills but only a reflection of one's way of living in looks and states of mind. Instead one should copy from the most skilled while both are doing the things from which one wants to learn the skills, and not to copy detailedly but to just catch ideas, öearning building elements for skills and finding a personal really self-expressing form for them. Then they do not take forces away from other skills but by their example grow one's capasity for other skills too.

63. Children are often taught an interest in stars and starships but that aren't wise since a space ship is visually very simple, there is nothing much to look at, just mainly straight lines and empty surfaces which do not teach at all the shape recognition ability needed for thinking and other skills.
On the other hand an interest in human stars, on skilled forefigures and talented people from whom to learn talents by copying roughly so, really and not acting, to copy ways of doing, things one is concentrated into, values and ways of living and natural style (not acting it but instead doing things of the same areas of life oneself honestly). But copying too detailedly makes one's own possibilities of living smaller, so cayching the main elements to be parts of one's own repertuaire, maybe parts of one's way of living if one is especially interested in such skills, teaches one those talents and skills. Those whose skills comes totally from memorizing things in school or education are not fitted to be forefigures, but instead those who have their own insight, individuals kills, own talents in those things and a good ability to learn new things in that subject.

64. Of reaching for fine things too narrowmindedly brings problems from which the Finnish traditional song "I made a wooden pipe" "Tein minä pillin pajupuusta" teaches how to get rid of. So one should not claim to be fine and so make one's life and one's skills flat that way but instead be somewhat humble but with the level of really fine things: to compete more with the perfection of nature, to take nature's magnifiency and it's fracturelessness to be one's forefigures instead of taking one's human competitors as such. "I made a wooden pipe, though just of ordinary common wood. Hi slenderly decoratively my pipe plays, though only of ordinary wood... In the forest I play in the beginning of the evening... Also the cattle's bells ring and compete with my pipe... The waves of the small lake splash and sing..." So rises one's skill level to manyfold and yet one's skill is at it's right place in the world, not too high where it would no longer be good quality, and so is the rest of the life too all right and it is good to live, the richness of life comes from a wider sp´here of things, everyday like too and all kinds of things.

65. Advices, also fine ones, should be followed wiht healthy spirit and not rigidly. Healthy spirit helps one to avoid the problems that a piece of advice followed without brains would cause.
So first form a picture of the whole situation, society and life, a picture with healthy spirit. And to this add the advice and then demand healthy spirit and get the sizes and other needed additional observations right, so as to get a good well working end result which is better than without the advice.
Often both extreme ends are somehow erroneous but somewhere in the middle one can find answers with healthy spirit which work well.

66. Sparklingly fascinating human relationships
If one is one's true self in one's human relationships, in one's everyday life encounters, the others too have their characteristics. So if one goies along with them somewhat, the amount like most fascuinates in each type of characteristic, always only for a few minutes or like feels best for onself and is natural. Then one can from one's human cantact each one learn something about life, even if one were different from the other one and even if the others were not so wise and fascinating ordinarily.
So one learns about life, lives a fascinating everuday life, and from each person one can choose which characteristics are like what I am interested in and which get löeft further away. In this way one sometimes gets sparklingly fascinating human relationships, but that means that one should not be rigid, formal or lie to oneself.

67. With things it is the same: if you can yourself choose the distance and how much you associate with them, things are much more fascinating.

68. Finery is usually a more complex level build upon the basic level and which requires the basic level. So the whole is often 10 - 100 000 times more complex than ther basic level alone.
So fineries require the richness of life at the level of experience and living at the level of practise with all it's difficulties that need to be overcome - even if the finery is so successful that it does not look like having found so many answers. So fineries demand a manyfold capacity in observations and in practical things to do and in understanding.
Fineries cannot be learned without the for example 100 000 times bigger observational capacity than what the basic level demands.

69. Healthy life in Finland's climate is totally without cold aches. That means that the body needs to be thoroughly warm of even warmth, also the outer parts. It should not be cool to touch. Neither should it's atmosphere be like on a skiing trip.

70. I do not know this for sure, but it seems that in some aquiantages, what way one thinks of food while one eats brings that style and way of living to life generally too, as if one reserved nutritients for that use. Like theoretically estimating nutritients bring theoretical style life at large, and listening to the liveliness of tastes brings liveöliness and psontaneoity to life at large?

71. When one is awake at the time of dark it is good for a large part of the time use lights indoors where one spends one's time, especially when days are short. Energy efficient light bulbs have nasty light but old type of lights, halogen lights and led lights give an even light and one can maybe use several light types to get a nicer light.
What energy escapes as heat from the lamp warms the room, so it is away from heating needs, and lights are needed especially on cool or cold times of the year.

72. About sorrow and strong feelings
Ic one conceives one's perceptions theoretically and like the build environment, one's life is left somehow flat and it's rythms artificial, and so it's flow does not have the strenght to carry strong feelings, and so strong feelings throw one out of balance uncontrolledly.
But if one instead lives a practical life senses open and the body sportily muscles carrying strongly, then the basic flow of one's life is strong and it's rythms vary a lot according to each situation. And so then a strong feeling is like life's mood, like life's weather, and does not bring uncontrolled out of balance reactions. Then strong feelings do not feel cumbersome but feel like natural ways to experience life's biggest questions and to live strongly.

73. When I was a kid my family members needed more food tahn me, but my mom somehow thought that all should eat roughly the same amount. So I have tried to follow food likings, except avoid eating so much sugary as to feel nauseating, or to eat too few kinds of food, or too much oil or butter since I have not felt the need for such. On the other hand my mom always thought that if one is not hungry one does not need to eat, since one does not feel weak but has taken care of healthy meals. With these advices I never had any problems with food or weight or motion and being active & endurancy and I felt well and I was as a character good willing like persons in a good mood. I ate the ordinary meals of ordinary healthy varied food according to the seasons and a sandwich or so when needed, rarely dessert, maybe pancakes once a week.

74. As far as I know there are no detailed instructions about how one should live in order to live healthily. Instead each person needs to choose by oneself what one wants to do or needs, how much on each occasion, what exactly, in which rythm, in which ways, and that too needs to vary from one time to another according to situations. One needs many kinds of things to do in life, many kinds of elements, of a varying amount, and also the need to try better when one is in a hurry, choosing, trying to reach better result and better quality, starting anew, getting energetic and living nicely, but also pauses for relaxation, one's own rythm, possibilities to choose. One needs environmental conditions, for example the rythms of life of family members, and also freedom to be one's real self, spontaneous, according to feelings, according to full understanding, with wisdom of life and carrying responsibility about the world, living according to the rythms of the world, understanding deeply the phenomena of the world.

75. "When I have been interested in painting, partly in religion and lived in a tourism town, I feel that I have reached some part of elderly persons' point of view, which is wise in some way but very stationary, leaves the quality of life poor. As younger and active there was born the wish to understand the phenomena in life and the world, from which the older years' longing for fine thgings comes from, but without that practical basic current of life, without the level of doing things in practise, being active, sensing richly and being sporty, without them life is left empty, as if without proper idea and without happiness.
On the other hand poems seem to teach how to live practical life ful of content to life, which speediness and sportiness make much better. Maybe adventure books teach such too.
Like all have different favourite food and eating the favourite foods of others does not bring an as pleasant feeling as eating one's own favourite food, likewise different ages, skill levels and situations of life and different characters have each their own likings, different sources for happiness and copying finery from others does not bring happiness, not even if one would invest in it a lot. On a very general level like "some motion is good to have" can an advice suit all but not detailedly like which kind of sports, how much and practised what way. Even though ways of doing do have those differencies of what way of doing is best suited for what.
Mabe someone named the basic current of life "school" and somehow it got dropped away when school years were left behind?

76. I used to practise ordinary non-contact harate, which means that one hits and kicks into the air, and if one practises with a pair, punches and kicks and stopped before they could touch the pair. So instead of fighting it is just sports fun, which makes one somehow feel that one gest more room for oneself than in life generally: one is allowed to be aggressive on the condition that one behaves ok. And so when maybe a´half of of the time there was woman leader of the sports session, one felt that one got lots of room for feelings, wisdom of life and harmonical life together with others. But such sport does not fit those whowish to fight, wish for real self-defence or wish to be nasty, since it is just a sport and suits well behaving considerate people.

77. One should maybe not eat a meal in dry theoretical way or absentmindedly, because a meal is a part of a natural healthy way of life and in it is important also the looks of the food, it's smell, meal as an experiuence and as a free way to be. One should eat according to one's wishes, like one eats chocolade orcandy or some piece of food before meal because one so wishes for it. And when one has eaten what feels right, one should stop. Maybe still think whether something from one's need for nutritients was left lacking: a glass of water? Some fruit? Is it a long time before the next meal, should you eat something in reserve?
If you don't feel like eating that way, you have propably the wrong nutritients in the meal if you anyway need food. One should listen to one's likings and the opinions of somebody more wise in questions of food, for example working place's restaurant's food list about views on which food would be good to eat that time of the year.

78. Natural stimuli are important, things belonging to life with healthy spirit, fascinating things.
"Diabetes seems to connect to thinking that one gets energy only from food and to having an attitude that other things are boring.
In reality a human gets energy from all things belonging to healthy natural way of life. Sunshine brings energy, likewise flowers and admiring the nature, animal, pleasant varient sporty motion, looking, being active in good mood, friendly social contacts, fascinating things to do, listening to music, etc, etc. A day full of activity is often a day full of satisfied content to life, plus more with a healthy spirit.
A positive attitude to stimuli seems to help people with diabetes. So one needs more healthy stimuli. Those themselves bring forces like a holiday, wandering in the nature, spare time with pals. For example one can get interested in looking at all kinds of beautiful and fascinating things, enjoy the charm of the weather, move at least a lighter step around every now and then. Like this preferably many times a day, for example 1 second to few seconds to few minutes at a time, enjoy healthy stimuli, the sensations they bring and afterwards use them as an energy reserve."

79. Those who need lots of food have it most difficult to get a full stomach, while those who need only a little food have it easy to get and keep a full stomach. That is why one should not at all copy in questions of food or ways of living from food shop keepers, who may have replaced lost heat by eating and who get the more money the more others need food.

80. Big heavy or quite heavy objects like a bag should not be moved by fine motorics but instead by being sporty. With very small objects one ought to use fine motorics and be interested with one's heart.

81. While eating, one should not only listen to one's feelings and sensations but also think of the next 2 to 5 hours in advance, or how long one has before next meal or snack, listen to one's feelings about what would bring them best energy, well fit for doing things well, quick motion and a good mood.

82. Many men seem to like men's work among men and men's usual views and defend them if one does not follow them. Women on the other hand are offered a division of women's role, men's role, traditional and modern, but there is no as satisfied and as customary classification for all kinds of things that women happen to like. So one would need a new class of things liked by women and of things making life good for women, a kind of spectrum of such for many kinds of women, for women to do in ways that they like when the individual so wishes. So it would contain both modern and traditional and both men's and women's things to do in ways suited for women and according to how interested they are in such and what is needed in the world.

83. If one feels angry or agitated or a temptation to be nasty without the reason for such being in the other one, it usually is a consequence of some element in one's way of life being a nuisance, for example work or some big course taken like values chosen or too rigid social ways. Then one should make a healthy version of that thing, take a healthy course in that subject and also more widely.
Healthy isn't usually either end of the spectrum, this or that, but some place in the middle chosen with a wider understanding about life, making life healthier and bringing many good sides. Often one needs to adjust the emphazies on different elements in life. .
84. The ability to stay warm in the autumn is based on how one approaches it in the late summer, in August. When one occasionally reaches for a more demanding goal,m one has it easier in ordinary weather.
"When in the late summer waters in the lakes get cooler because of the rains and the weather is in the late summer and in the beginning of autumn somewhat cooler but such that is good to spend time outdoors, then if you for example on the way tip your feet to the water in the lake shore or walk in teh terrain among the grasses which have partly been burn and dried by the heat of the hot summer days, you are then at the same time both fierce and warm enough, you feel the power of the summer time's nature, it's wisdom, you watch life from the point of view of a wild animal, from a point of view that gets superbly well along with the seasons, life's toughness, it's warmth, the wisdom of an almost full lifetime, summer's emotionality and the challenges that the nearing autumn time brings to wisdom, to how to be strong, weather proof, able to make preparations, oneself warm and wise, with wisdom of life, feeling, with foresight, one who finds balance between energy reserves and the demands of the weather, an indian of the late summer, a few steps in the bushes of the shoreline, on the shore stones, and when the weather gets cooler or the feet get wet soon fleeing indoors, to eat pie, woolen socks warming one's feet, watching out of the window, planning adventures, looking for nice things to do."

85. If you are too fat, you need to avoid too much heat loss (warm clothes, not staying unmoving in one place), avoid a big lack of moral and avoid not eating according to the food circle diagram on every meal and snack.

86. Usually it is worth it to invest at least something ro preferably more in all kinds things healthy and with healthy spirit, giving energy.
Usually it is worth ibvesting in many things and not just some one perspective too diligently. Instead of being a freak, being understandable to the ordinary people has most room for itself and all kinds of things fitted into it, both persons you know and the arrangements of the society. A version with healthy psirit with selfishness, following likings of the moment, caring for the society and so on is often convincing and such that for it there is room.
In conflicts usually a perspective that is widely considered good and which understand boith parties usually calms down the situation, if it is used without interfering but with good will. Things and values usually considered good are such that they have well solved the problems of many.

87. I do not know but it appears that those hwo classify wise thinsg their mom or dad says as deep wosdom, go as characters somehow squeezed, do not seem to get healthy room or healthy activity. On the other hadn if one calssifies their wisdom only as some knowledge, one is left better with room for life, for individual charactyeristics and do things in one's own ways, also speedily, kind of more healthy psirit in action.

88. Helathy ways of living should not be a question of bothering and having the energy for or giving up old good choises. Instead healthy weays of living are nice and one can gradually increase life according to them according to motivation and skills. In the beginning already 5miun a day something with healthy spirit, for which one has own sincere motivation, already brings healthy kind of things to the spectrum of daily life and teaches what the motivation for healthy ways of living is. You can for example from pieces of a few second of healthy natural ages old elements in your daily life get energy for your day: sunshine, being outdoors, feel of the weather, beauty of nature, motion according to one's liking of the moment, life according to feelings, following one's best understanding of things, etc.

89. Ido not know this but, does it happen to many that they make some fine choise and then try to park themselves to it which brings poor ways of living, when stucking to one place brings not moving, not reacting well enough, lack of stimuli, lack of freedom, too much eating, stuck in the same old human relationships, etc . If one would not try to be stuck but would believe for oneself to make again and again the same choises that one so likes, one would have both them and freedom and unspoiled ways of living.

90. Lamps should have a nice good light. Energy preserving lamps do not seem to have it, but traditional lamps, halogeen lamps and led lamps have better light, and several lamps at the same time bring a better light. The lost heat energy makes the need to warm the room smaller.

91. Reading about the same old subject isn't good for oneself but breaks one's possibilities in life, when the beginning richness of multible choises available and good quality gets replaced by detailed knowledge of how far this far others have known things, had the skills for and what they have lacked, for example because of being too stcuh in certaing ways. Isntead it is good to borrow books taht open new fascinating worlds, bring richness to life and bring better quality and skill to what one did not have as an area of skill, and join one to others with similar interests as hobbies or work: to the possibilities in life that they have created and to the ethics and larger picvture of the world with these areas of life in a good way as parts of the society.

92. Living through a technical form ( user khtervola)

93. If life seems to get stuck in difficulties, then with a slightly different kind of course it could go better: the course should be more healthy spirit, more natural, more harmoniucxaöl, more moral, in shortly more according to "Live and let others live " kind of.

94. Vegetables should not have any poison, not any remains of poisonous chemicals used in the farm. Ecologically grown vegetables tend to have lots of such remaints which one can see from the fact that their colours are kind of muddy greyish in a kkkrraaahhh like way and their form is unnatural or somehow ill. The reason for that is that the ordinary non-ecological farmer uses chemical as little as possible and at strategical points, while an ecological farmer foirst tries to be without them and then is forced to use an extra strong doze but secretly, in order to get any harvest at all. There are also differencies between countries in how much chemical they use, for example on fruits' surface against insects, and so one needs to pay attentiuon to where fruits etc come from.

95. In work and in life generally it is good if there is variation in what is how nice and what is one forced into, so that one can make choises, instead of having things rigidly the same way always for example because a nice motivated goal has stagnated to rigid form. It is important to have moments when one thinks "Hey, this is nice, let's do more of these" and moments when one pays attention to what one can drop away, since otherwise the quality of life would deteriorate across time a lot.

96. All do not know how to restrict the influence of evil deeds. It is not done by going socially along in their endeavours. Instead it is done by taking distance and going along in some other side in one's sphere of life, be it healthy sides of the functioning of the society, some other human relationships or some thing to do. Already "hey, I am going there, I am in a hurry" helps you to avoid an unwanted perspective or action. You can get content to your life from other things.

97. An advice to singing experience of life from my blog :
"I wonder if there is a rumour that sport disturbs musicality? The truth is the opposite: varied motion according to one's likings makes one's whole experience of life sing, even if one otherwise weren't so musical. Sportiness brings more room for life, dispells enemies somewhat further away and more calmer, brings helthy room for feelings and makes action go well and feel nice. Also for social life and wisdom of life it is good too. But one should not move in schoollike rigid forms but vary one's way of doing and use one's whole capacity to do fascinating things. Learning sports talents is easy with this piece of advice I have made:
"Tässä laatimani paljon onnellistuttava kaikille sopiva liikunnallisia lahjoja kasvattava ohje:
"Do not make plans about how to move but decide each second and each fraction of a second anew what right now feels like the best idea about where to move, how to move, in which style, in which attitude, in which mood, with how much eager interest and quickness resulting from that or relaxed awareness or emotionally motivated force,... So you change all the time, your plans change and you learn to pick each fraction of a second just the things that you like best right then to be your goalsetting right then in practice in your movements. So you feel happy and fulfilled. Be wary of boredom and habits."
 After experience from maybe a dozen nonstuck attempts this advice about way of moving enlargens to other areas oif life and helps you to reach your very best all the time or almost. So you are not left at the level of your poractical circumstancies but reach you dream level in your daily life."

98. Asians appear like Finns in teh evening when they are very tired: thinsg slip from one's hands, go work like, get stuck, arrangements get broken to poor state and one does not know how to repair them like in the morning when one is energetic and has rested well. Also people in Asia would need breaking away from their work circles after the working day: karaoke sngs, bicycle trip in the afternoon or early evening,  social life with people from other professions, at least a favourite song listened before going to sleep like a gate to one's own world, to a dream world, or hobbiest that one likes a lot. Better if one even more understands the need for holidays and free time life!

99. Things and people need distance. You need to approach them with an open mind, without falling on top of them, use them as if starting points for associations to find your oqwn way, each moment a new fresh. Then they will sparkle in your life and do not force you to a rigid form without room for yourself, real understanding or healthy spirit. This asks for freedom and the practical prequisite for freedom is good moral, for example following in everything the rule "Live and let others live" ie it is ok to be selfish but not to mess with the lives of others, except fairly.
Often things and people arenät perfect. Someone has worked hard to get something done and that is why she or he is a forefigure for you in some skill, but usually she/he has been forced to give up many things to get her/his professional skills, and so one does not learn good life from her/him, neither does one learn freedom from her/him. That is why one needs to take distance from one's forefigures as if one oneself with one's dreams were very fine, insightful and with wisdom and wisdom of life, and so conceiuving things better.

100. A quotaion from my blog
 "Wise men don't speak
"Those who think most of some subject are usually not skilled in it. Either they are slow witted or not talented in it or they have some need unmet and that is why they spend time thinking of the subject, like the hungry tend to think of food and those who eat unhealthily may be obsessed with food thoughts, and like people when they run to some problem, spend time thinking about a solution to it. Instead those who think the subject through but do it very quickly among other things and do not spend time in the subject, typically know it well, especially if their understanding and ways of living tend to be good in such respects."
(A quotation from my blog from the text about commenting on building a virtual world, in the sense of governing the societies by a computer network guided by people's pictures of the world)
Advices about learning thinking and intelligence and more in Finnish at ."

101. Religion and wisdom of life are improtant shields and bring a higher level of skill, from which to benefit in one's life.

102. Being too food-centered brings agitation, for which the reason is the lack of the rest of one's life and one's life having gotten more diffidult because of full stomach and unhealthy food and too little healthy kind of things to do and too little healthy many kind of stimuli and pleasant variation.

103. It is good to have loves in one's life but everyday life is often better guided by likings, since something that you like can be nice now and soon you can change yur mind or next time not but some time later again according to one's mood, differencies in the things done and other things in one's life. So you can seeze he moment, you are not bound to a rigid form, you are not bound to failures, but good things you can freely pick to make your life better without needing to give up anything in your life against your wishes.
104. I haven't tried bright light lamp but it seems that it makes the day more grey and more difficult to bear. Instead bright ordinary light like from a few ordinary lamps in the same room while indoors at the time of dark is enough at lkeast for me and leaves an enjoyable feeling from the daylight. But I do not know how it goes in Lappland where the days are much shorter winter time.

105. I haven't needed much darkening curtains in the summer time, but if one uses such it would be good to leave door to neighbouring room with ordinary curtains slightly open so that one comes to light like from shadow and not aruptly like lighting a lamp while lifting the curtain, which is artificial and leaves a wrong kind of dayling rythm into the day.

106. Some interfere the lives of their closest associates because via social ways the deeds of the others seem to come to themselves, and so they try to change the lives of others into what they themselves seek from life. That kind of phenomenom is born maybe because one does not take care of one's own thing or those of the society but instead relies in almost all of them into others. If one would instead take care of one's own part of one's own matters and those of the society, in other words would be moral and follow the rule "Live and let others live" (see the beginning of this blog for that), the deeds of others would not come so close.
Another point is that one shouldn't keep so much company to people whose natural shere of life and interests are very different from one's own but istead find like-minded company from hobbies and the like.

107. If one sometimes feels grey like exhausted, to that usually helps good moral, healthy ways of living, positive attitude, eating meals according to the food circle diagram with lots of vitamins from them, not being stuck and free time with it's stimuli.

108. Payfullness is to work like doing a natural lightening that brings a pleasantmood and healthy activity, but does not fit together with an overeating like or unactive way of doing so that it would likewise bring a pleasant mood.
One can work alsoinone's dream job or do work like this and that thing on one's free time. So work like ways of doing do not refer to forcing, but more likely to diligency and need for thinsg to do instead of lazying. It is typical for work like things done that one reaches for good quality and does not do whatever the result happens to be like. So making work like things lighter brings more room to follow one's own rythm, one's own views, one's own way of doing, own values, own mood, etc and brings so a better way of doing which can bring a greater quality.

109. It seems that there is a big difference between whether one is fractureless while doing nothing much or fractureless in the middle of action. In daily life and in healthy ways of living there are many kinds of active things to do, and it is important to get along with such things, feel well with them and be fractureless while doing them. Fracturelessness in the middle of action is somewhat like when you while driving a bicycle stop for a few pushes from pushing with your legs and the bicycle moves by itself, so that you have stuimuli and activity and at the same time you have light easy fracturelessness and sense the atmoshphere of the moment. If you do likewise but whenpushing teh pedals with your legs in a good pleasant mood, the task is easy and just easy enough and the pleasantness, naturality and that it is according to feelings bring fracturelessness into the middle of action. Or if you aren'ät even that much sporty, then like when a sightseeing ship turns, you have stimuli and pleasantness at teh same time. Maybe the diufference to one who is fracturelessness while doing nothing is in how you conceive the moments: do you listent o how your body adapts to changes of temperature when you have just come in fromoutdoors and do you think whether you should eat some snack, or do you lazy without noticing how your body reacts, even if it was just your body which said that now keep a pause since you have to adapt to the temperature change. So one is active and another is passive in the same things to do, and activity creates a route to get along with activity at large inone's life while passivity makes activities cumbersome, full of failures and makes them feel nasty.

110. The point of view of some men is very much according to education, kind of narrow and not so intelligent, not adapting to situations and not understanding the rest of the life in the society. It would be good to vary one's way of doing and one's way to approach things according to common sense and according to the situation: sometimes it is good to be practical, sometimes one needs a good memory, or educated thinking, common sense, motion, feelings or whatever suits the situation. Likewise when working it is good to notice the landscape of life at large with it'sphenomena: with it's social contacts, happenings, journeys, approaching holidays etc. Like that one can train one's common sense and one's understanding about life.
This way a more skilled person can learn to vary the rythm of writing on computer keyboard, so that one feels somehow more comfortable and the sound is nicer, better suited to other things to do and to listening one's own views.

111. In my own life and in that of the people that I know, I have noticed that for the quality of life it is of an enermous importancy that work, hobbies and studies would be things that one values because of themselves and fascinating as things to do, and not done just because of money, habit, custom or being forced to them.

112. Accordingt o my experience women long for women's things more than men do and men on the other hand long for men's things more than women do, but on the other hand both long for the whole spectrum of life, also long for having skills of their own on the whole spectrum of life, at least some kind of skills or even good skills, many kind of content to life. Women long for sports and healthy psirit and basic skills in men's works and not to get pushed around. Men long for music and the possibility at least sometimes bake bakery or the like and fry beef, to be able to choose clothes for oneself, nice looking and socially ok, one that one oneself likes and what kind of values one has and not just according tos ome rigid form, and learn tobe handy etc too. But anyway men enjoy their time in repairing cars more than women do, and women spend time making home nice, to clothes and so on to social things and things that bring good life. So even if you were first a human being and only secodnly of your own sex, you would be just more skilled and more satisfied with your life and not less of your own sex's typical characteristics. My guess is that if pairs would choose freely, boith would do 20% of the other sex's typical work, 10% they would do together and 70% would be according to the traditional roles., but that is just a guess.

113. I do not remember this well enough but as a child I read boys' books "Vinski ja Vinsentti" and "Koko kaupungin Vinski" which were maybe by Jalmari Finne, and they taught fracturelessness, how to be fracturelkess even though there is scholl, human relatiosnhips etc,so that one would anyway live according to one's own wishes, somewhat like some on the coffee pause at work read afternoon paper, but that somehow more widely in one's own life and in what one does, like just is healthy. I wonder ifsome women left those too much un´read, that one should read at least oneor two of them?

114. Vegetarianism isn't a part of the European tradition. Refusing from violence isn't a traditional European value. Europeans have valued good life, peace, safeguarded future and healthy spirit. Violence is a means of protecting against worse options,a nd so it is not in itself somethinf to judge against. Killing puts a stop to even worse treatments, which for exampleAsians with their too tense working life do not so much guard against. Humans have traditionally identified themselves with predators and ordinary wirld animals well capable of defending tehmselves, and not with defenceless prey, and there is something healthy in taking the abilty to defend as a part of one's basic course inlife, it keeps the society in a healthy state. People in Europe have traditionally been careful in big matters like the fate of the country and the future of the world. Vegetarians foods have been largely in teh summer time when food needs tyo be lighter - propably that is copied from warm countries and not from pray animals. In the winter time people have eaten traditional roots like "lanttu" which appears to somehow replace meat.

115. Women's cultural characteristics are often more fine motoric, more finely coordinated than men's. Detailed doing demands fine motorics and so it fits to be a some part of things done and on the other hand tyo the protection of one's personal space and personality fits better men's I just walk here, oho oups, I was just clumsy, a some kind of right to be oneself even if that isn't taking into account others and situations so much. But men's rigid work disicpline and other things negative for life possibilities belong fiurther away from oneself than just doing, because it needs exceptions made for better life, and women's typical valuing toiward feelings closer oneself than clumsiness.


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